Welcome Forest

Little Forest the morning after he was born.
We named him Forest because he was born out in our grazing forest one evening just before bedtime for the animals. It was Jordan's evening to close-up and he was quite surprised when he went down to lead the girls into the barn. Downy had given birth early! We were figuring she was due at the end of April, instead, Forest's birthday is April 2nd. Lynn and I were out at a potluck and came home to the wonderful news. We slipped into the barn to check on the new babe, and bring Downy some warm molasses water.

Of course, I fell head over heals for little forest. He is just too cute! His big brother, whose fleece I am tanning at the moment, was also one of my favourites. Downy, a South Down who ended up on our farm in a roundabout sort of way, bred with Romeo, our Suffolk ram, gives such an adorable looking offspring!
I must say, the love was mutual, as he immediately took to me and followed me around in the stall. He even came and nuzzled into me before too long.
Forest loves to have his chin rubbed.
Today he practices butting against my fist. I love to go down to the barn and watch him leap and bounce around his mom. His face is getting darker already, and he is growing so fast. I will have to take more pictures tomorrow and get them on here so you can see the changes in his colouring. For now, here are a few more from the day after he was born.


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  1. I Love how you are Inspiration in Action. Happy Easter to you and yours...
    Blessings with Love & Light,
    Lisa Bull