Planting Season Begins

Well, it's February and time to start the indoor planting to get ready for the gardening season. I sat down with seed packages, a gardening journal, a soil block maker, and the joy of getting this process started. I have to say, this is really a very enjoyable way to spend the day. A hot mug of tea and the fulfilling task of planting new life. Awe, yes, very nice.

So, as the organizer that I am, I really enjoyed sorting and recording everything that I did this year in Lynn's garden journal. I can tend to geek out quite a bit on the organizing aspect of things and found myself numbering the packages of seeds themselves to know which ones were the ones planted. I was drawing charts and making notes, and loosing myself in this simple task.

We now have greens, brasicas, beneficial flowers, some herbs, and leeks happily tucked into their little soil blocks. I can't wait until the first of them pops its green little bud through the dark soil. The first few days of germination are always the most exciting for me to witness. It is when I know that things have worked and that we will soon be transplanting and then harvesting some wonderfully fresh food. I am still amazed at how easy and satisfying it is to grow our own food. I do hope I will never loose my awe with this process of life.

There is still so much more indoor planting to do over the next little while before we can head out to transplant and direct sow. Life on the farm is constantly interesting and moving forward. What a joyous way to fill one's days!

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