Winter Wonderland

Studio with heavy snow
Southern Vancouver Island is known to be the mildest part of Canada, especially when it comes to winters. Even so, it isn't unusual to get snow out here. This year, 2010/2011, was my first winter here, and it has sure been a mild one, with very little snow. I only remember two good snowfalls in fact. The second snowfall happened after I had moved onto the farm, giving me the opportunity to experience what this land looks like with a white blanket, and the challenge of living at the bottom of a 1/4 km long hilly, windy, dirt driveway. When it snows at Mossy Banks, you really want to leave your car at the top of the drive, and walk back and forth. Otherwise, you aren't going anywhere, as I found out.

I took this time to get some good walks in around the property and into the hills. Juniper and I went exploring and had a blast bounding about in the snow. When we get so little of it, it sure is fun to take advantage of it and have fun with it. From skating down the packed tire-tracks in the drive and making my way back up without falling and breaking the eggs, to making snowballs and snow-angels, the snow really is a blessed visitor while it lasts.

As we walked about the property, admiring the freshness of the air, the beauty of the white, sparkling snow that blanketed everything, and the quite that encompasses a sleepy winter day, I took my camera out and tried to capture a few scenes. I hope you enjoy the beauty that I saw in them and the joy of a few days of winter.
View from the top of the mossy banks
A tree with a presence
Quaint sitting area in the lower field
Beautiful snow formation on a stick
Snow crystals bursting from a stick

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